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Listing Pulled

Listing pulled

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I don't suppose this is still available, is it?


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Bennie,  Of course you can do what you want but you should be aware that about eight unregistered users see your ad for every registered user on this forum.  If you are really concerned about being cheated, you might consider using an intermediary.  Or not, of course it's up to you.

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I am definitely interested in sidecar.  my problem I am in florida and don't know when i could pick it up.

If you could hold it for say 6 weeks , I would pay you up front a large deposit and then the rest in cash

when i do come and get it .  It would be a guarantee sale.


thanks, ron     my real email is   ps I do hope we can work something out.


I see it seems to have all the hookups,  does it have the top and tonneau covers and is the windshied cracked at all.

I know you don't make a living as a photograper, just kidding.  I am not the best at taking photos ether.

how is the tire???    and how  is the seat etc.,   don't worry I'll still be interested.


thanks, ron


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Ben or Bennie\\

I am so interested right away ... and things have changed my cousin from Ocala will ride with me to come and get it, I just had lunch w/him

friday and asked him , he is retired also and is ready to come to Ark.

cash right away.. no hold but you have to hold it till i get there which will be asap. Just let me know .. did you get my email also???

I emailed you also .. my wife's phone 301 651 1675 , best i can do my phone is on the blink . like i said we are in St Pete , fl .

I want it and will pay the $600 anyway you want but need just some assurance you hold it till , me, Ron and my cousin tom get there

but we are talking days . will leave as soon as i hear from you.  you can call  301 anytime, yes that is a md number my wife is from 

Annapolis, md.    my wife is in bed now and we are both tied up tomorrow until after services tomorrow, Sunday but after 1 am 

she and I both will be available.  i will email you again also .  let me know here also if you ever got my first email. 

Oh and my wife's name is Lynn.  call or text is ok too.  I just want to nail this down as soon as possible, because i miss a sidecar

project or not I can afford it esp. w/all the hook ups .  

thanks, ron  , ps sorry this is the first i checked this in a few day but I will be on top of it now for sure. 



I  emailed you twice just now and the last one I think you will see proof that I am for real. 

  you will see my drivers license and part of my bank statement w/ address etc.

love to hear from you soon , yes I know it is late now but this is when I am up working on computer w/ my wife fast asleep.

I could post that attachment on email here but that is too much info for the public.  

thanks, Ron    301 651 1675   , St Pete, fl 


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Ben , I did exactly what you said, and you can check the link you sent has been pulled by whomever listed it.

Ben I sent you emails rt away w/ more info on me, more than i would usually put on the internet. You have our phone and best email.

infact if you check your email (never go one in return from you or even acknowledgement that you received them), I even sent 

my real drivers license , and you can see it is florida and top of my bank statement has my wife and my name and address and 

you will see it is St pete.  Not much else I can do but I do have the cash and I would really like the sidecar.    I am going to send you more id

right on this site. Hope we can delete it when we are done but i see stuff on here from 11 years ago.  ron 

Ben,  i am sending stuff you missed from the emails and more , fla drivers license, bank statement, 

         pictures of truck rear w/ fla license, and registration , show address name etc.  I can't imagine anyone can send you

more proof of who they are.   Doing all this in hopes you will reconsider and appealing to your Christian, Jewish or even Buddhist values.
Notice rear of truck , united sidecar assoc. sticker.. older dont always pay my dues esp. when I dont have a sidecar.

hardest time I've had wanting to give you money but this should fulfill all the due diligence you need.   Ron snow  

also here is our phone numbers 301 651 1675 wife's best... mine is not working great but ok  727 510 6402 and see a st pete number and we

are available although a little later we are probably gonna go watch the Superbowl somewhere.    Ron 

it appears i may have to do this in several saying wrong extension but list it so who knows , trying . 

Uploaded files:


Uploaded files:

one more .... truck registraton... sent id stuff twice.  this should do it about all I can show you.

    You want to sell I want to buy . you have my numbers (which also take text) and address, I have the cash and would love to 

restore that sidecar, it is a match. ron 

Uploaded files:

Hi Ron,

You proved you're for real, I'm not so sure Ben was for real though. lol... I hope you're able to link up and make the deal with him. If not, it certainly won't be because you didn't try...

It did make for an amusing thread though. At least from my point of view...

Tom , pretty weird huh. 

well i should have known ,  I had already emailed him most of that stuff directly because i would rather not post it.

  he already had access to at least my name , address and at least one phone.   Seemed legit but who knows , that is the weirdest 

I've ever seen.  When I am the one w/money.   Ebay , i have good success buying but everything I 've tried to sell, has all

been fraud.   Sometimes I think when it was a bike and I had best bike and price , I think my competition or a friend just took 

me off the market.  Had a hard time w/ ebay, saying a guy could join on friday and bid on a $15,000 item Sat morning . 

you wouldn't do that with pay pal or stub hub.   take care , shame people looking a gift horse and if he was for real had the sidecar

for over a year.    Ron

Good luck to ya.  I know some people go a long time without logging on here at times and sometimes health issues put one out of commission for a time but your experience has sure been an odd one. Hope to see ya at the rally in C d'A this July.