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1984 Yamaha Venture Royal with California Sidecar Friendship I.

      This rig is set up for touring.  Cruise control, back rest, highway pegs, drink holder, trailer hitch. Plenty of room in saddlebags & trip trunk.
     This bike has been my joy for forever.  Used it to haul kids for day trips and long family vacations.  When kids grew up it was used for dogs, beer and grandkids.  It’s been from Nova Scotia to Key West and about 20 Americades.

      Bike has 80,000 memorable miles on it.  Was ridden until 2 years ago.   Starts right up. Needs new tires and tuneup. Sadly the factory radio/CB not working.

Located in the Rochester, NY area.  Local pickup.   $4,000       Call Deb  585-478-5076



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