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1980 harley "CLE" sidecar

I have for sale a 1980 Harley "CLE" sidecar in really nice shape. I bought this to attached to my 1980 FLT so I could ride my 3 yo granddaughter in it . but due to health reasons I can no longer ride or do as I could before . the "CLE" mounting kit is for the FLH 4 speed frames and the "TLE" kit is the one that fits the "FLT rubber mount 5 speed frames. I have most of the parts to mount it to a FLT but still need a few .if the buyer is not interested in the "TLE" parts I will adjust the selling price . I have it mounted on a wooden frame that rolls and will aid in shipping . depending on selling price I may help with the shipping cost. the sc is located in grand bay al which is west of mobile al . will try to post pics .if you send your email I can send them to you . you can contract me thru here . I an asking $5050.50 obo . please ask any question you may have.

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Why is it priced so high?

this is a 36 yo rig and in really great shape.have you checked prices on the mounting kits and the sc . I can go down as in "obo" .

I sold this beauty (''82 CLE) not too long ago for $3.500.

Totally overpriced

Blueeyedmichael - 9/14/2016 1:37 AM

Totally overpriced

well that's your opinion and like s "everybodys got one and most of them stink,"