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1980 "CLE" sidecar

I have for sale a 1980 "CLE" sidecar made by Harley . this sidecar fits the FLH 4 speed frames . I also have most of the parts to mount it to a "TLE" which is the rubber mount 5 speed frames. im sure with some work it could be mounted to other bikes. I bought this to mount to my 1980 FLT so I could ride my 3 yo grand daughter in but due to health reasons im not able to ride or do like I could before. I am asking $5050.50 obo . the sidecar is located in grand bay al , you can contact me thru here . will try to post pics but im not that good at computers as most. I also do not need help sellinbg. I have it mounted on a rolling frame that will aid in shipping.

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Sorry to here about your health.....
How long have you owned this rig?
Are there any electronics in the car?
Where is the windshield?
Do you have the tonneau cover?
Does the car have a title?

I'm not the seller but...

Just an FYI... Sidecars aren't titled in the US. They are classified as an accessory.

Last 2 I looked at had titles.....

Just saying.....

Would that be a "Certificate of origin"?
They aren't titles.

owned about a year maybe a little over . no electronics . yes, I will look to confirm . no tonneau cover. no title . I think everything is there to connect to a FLH (4 speed frame ) need a couple parts for the FLT (5 speed frame ) thanks

Hello. Do you still have the Harley sidecar? I am in need of one to connect to my Ultra Classic. In need due to health problems with operations and have been riding over 40 years. Let me know and I'm sure we may be able to come to an agreement. Thanks