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1979 Vespa P200e

OK! So what is this doing in the sidecar related thread. I bought it because it can pull a sidecar. Time, money and energy (and the space it occupies in my garage) have triggered my need to sell.

It has been overhauled and starts second kick. It has an aftermarket exhaust, 2 new tires and a very good spare, a new seat cover. It comes with several boxes of spare parts plus three cans of color matched paint.

That is all the good stuff. It is un-restored and shows some un-repaired damage. With some tinkering and TLC these sell for $3000 to $3500. (The Denver Craigslist shows one for $5800)

I will part with it for it for $1200 or best offer. Phone 605-381-8187

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Reduced price - $1150.

jwshort - 7/19/2015 11:32 AM Reduced price - $1150.

What size is the motor? P200e should be a 200cc and two stroke correct?

Officially it is 198cc but yes it has a lable of 200.

Hi Will, you still have it?

OOPPSS! I have sold this scooter but have failed to pull the ad. Sorry!