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1978 BMW R80/7 w/Velorex

OK, friends since my Hannigan GTL is on order for the new to me 2016 Goldwing 1800 it is time to sell my old BMW rig. 1978 R80/7, Unit front end, dual disc front brakes, San Jose upper fork clamp, new Duro tires all around freshly replaced pushrod tube rubbers. $4,400.00 Located in Columbus, Texas. 979-732-1260

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Very nice classic rig !!

Tell us a little more ie mileage on bike etc . I am looking to return to sidecar rig but in my 79th year and don't need a rig requiring a lot on work. Have owned 4 BMW cycles starting with a 69 R60 none right now Last rig was a late model BMW rig . Currently ride a classic Honda 50 locally but need 3 wheels for local gravel roads and bit more power