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1975 Goldwing engine

The father of a person I work with has a 75 Goldwing with sidecar. The father had a stroke and can no longer ride but the family wants to keep the bike and hack. The bike has engine problems (I do not know what is wrong). There is some interest in finding a replacement engine. I have looked on Ebay and see lots of parts but no complete engines. Any one know of a good source. I am not buying, he is. But I will pass the info to him.

Did you ever find a engine? There are several salvage yards around the country that are fairly reputable and have older GW parts. One is in southern Mn, Vern's Bikes and Trikes. You might want to give them a call and see what they have. He is a trike dealer and also has a yard for older wings.

Thanks, I'll pass the information to the guy.