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1974 BMW R90/6 with Ural Sidecar

$3,400.00 OBO

Mechanically strong, approximately 43,000 miles. Dual plugs, electronic ignition, twin front disc brakes, braided steel brake lines, San Jose heavy swing arm, triple clamp, fork clamp. Fall 2019 maintenance: alignment, oil and filter change, and new clutch cable. In 2015 I separated the bike from the SC to replace all the engine seals and gaskets, and do a tune-up.

Like most of these hacks, it has modest low speed head shake (15-25 mph only).

The bike has no center stand or side stand. The center stand threads need repair to install the stand. The bike currently has a Block K, flat profile, rear tire.

Here's a video of starting the bike:


I  am happy to answer any questions: 505.401.9167

Upon reaching a deal, I will  expect a down payment of $500, and payment in full (cash or cashiers check) prior to handing over the rig.

I can assist with shipping from my home near Albuquerque, NM.

I don't know anything about this particular rig but the R90/Ural is a good starting rig.  The price is decent too.

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

From the attached pics it looks like the rig has been sold.

I have a BMW R90/6 with 74 Ural tub for sale. Black with white pinstriping Hannigan fairing, 67K miles, new tires, and rear brakes, electronic ignition, and updated charging system, new battery, Denali lights, Dual USB  port, BMW & standard power outlets, multiple RAM mounts if desired, recent BMW shop service. Located in Southwestern VT. Asking $12K more pictures available via e-mail.