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1948 Indian Chief



I never said it wa not great work. Never questioned the skill that went into the bike or the sidecar. Only the idea that it is worth any were near what the real deal would be. It someone pays great for the seller . They never tried to pass it off as anything more than what it is. As Always know what your buying why and what the real worth is.  Then pay what ever you wish for it.

Have you, lately, even tried to rebuilt a Chef engine, replace beyond used parts by new ones, paint/chrome parts, check electric parts (even if you think that an electric starter is no use)? Trying to repair a 70 years old sidecar body will something else than Bondo? How much you think it will cost you in parts and man/hours?? Will you accept to be paid minimum wage to do it?

This bike can br put back to shitty original in less than a day once a bondo sidecar body is found and a shitty stock bronze carb is installed. ES takes 1/4 hour to go away and I sincerely hope no one is dumb enough to want it back to 6V. Maybe collectors/investors hate this bike but people who want to ride love it. Huge difference!!

Just in case (now that the  "fakes" and "short cuts" remarks have been deleted!!!) seller just put another video: