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16” 40 spoke wheel/tire shock tower/shock

16” 40 spoke chrome wheel/tire shock tower/mount /shock, brand new from Trans Moto, ready to bolt/weld on to frame. Never installed. $600.00

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What's the location? Pic would be nice, too. I think maybe shipping might be more than parts cost, what's your opinion on that?

Hi, I am located in in northern New York State. I imagine the shipping would be about $90.00 anywhere in the US or Canada .

Two pictures of the 16" wheel/swingarm.

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The parts are $600.00. I am not sure about the shipping, but the unit weighs app. 50 Lbs. I highballed the shipping charge at $90.00, but I doubt it would be that much.

Looks nice. Unfortunately out of my price range with all the money I spent on parts to build my own. Twice. Sigh. Oh well, if you don't get it right first time, cry and try again. 😉