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09 Road king with factory matching sidecar

Impossible to find in this year, in this condition and with this high content of accessories!

We start with the Touring bike 2009 H-D Road King itself which has the newly designed H-D frame, six-gallon gas tank, Brembo brake calipers, larger 180 rear tire & more!

Perfectly matched H-D TLE sidecar!


Upgraded from a 96cu to a H-D Big Bore Stage lV 103 Cubic Inch Engine

H-D CNC Heads, H-D forged SE 10.5 pistons, E tappets, E high flow oil pump, E perfect fit push rods, E 58mm Throttle Body, E 585 Torque Cams, H-D oil cooler, & S-Power Tuned dual head pipe & S&S Race/Tour mufflers, H-D Super Tuner and full dyno-tune producing 102.93 horsepower and 110.57 torque. This makes the bike run great with the extra weight of a sidecar attached and when carrying a passenger!

List of Chrome and Accessory Upgrades:

Chrome billet H-D SE mirrors, internally wired 1.5 inch chrome Road King handlebars, chrome switch housings, chrome brake master cylinder and clutch perch, chrome levers, H-D nostalgic grips, stainless Steel braided clutch & brake lines, H-D Chrome upper & lower fork sliders, chrome H-D brake calipers, chrome H-D brake rotors, chrome H-D front fender skirt, chrome H-D oil cooler cover, chrome H-D mustache engine guard, chrome H-D billet clutch adjuster cover, chrome H-D billet shift linkage, chrome H-D billet shifters, H-D head bolt bridges, chrome H-D derby & timer covers, chrome H-D passenger floor board covers, chrome H-D saddlebag guards, chrome H-D layback license plate, H-D Chrome 4 point docking hardware for passenger backrest & luggage rack attachments, H-D Chrome nostalgic air cleaner cover with high flow K&N filter, Diamond Engineering Stainless Steel 12 point engine bolt kit for entire engine.

H-D Sidecar Features

Cee Bailey\'s Light Smoke Windshield, H-D factory sidecar cover, new H-D factory carpeting inside the sidecar, chrome H-D Road King Classic sidecar fender tip & fender-skirt trim, H-D Chrome spoke sidecar wheel, H-D sidecar step.

bikes located in Long Beach CA

21,000 miles/still being ridden 


$22,000.00 obo
shipping by purchaser 


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